All About Stamping Vol4

Today I’d like to share a few ideas on Cards and Stamping. You all know that cards aren’t my strong point, but nevertheless they are fun to craft :) We’re going to look at two different background techniques, some heat embossing and layering :D Fun fun fun! Hope you enjoy :D

In this Video I used the Happy Mail and Dream Real Big Stamp Sets :)

Also I am loving these Studio Calico Stars made out of wood! Cool!!

Hope you liked the 3 Videos. I would love to hear your thoughts about them in the comments :) Thanks in advance :D

xoxo, Rahel


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All About Stamping Vol3

Yesterday’s Video was all about Birthday Wishes and I shared a fun Chalkboard Paint Technique – today we’re going to look deeper into making Envelopes REAL cute :D

I love to receive actual letters in the mail (excluding bills and advertisement ;) ) and a few years ago, my cousin and then-BFF were writing each other letters at least once a week. As we were both into scrapbooking we would go NUTS decorating the envelopes up to a point where our postman told my mom that we should take it down a notch (there were sewing pins on an envelope and he had poked himself on it….. ;) ) The good old times!

In this video I’ve been using the Happy Mail Stamps Set :)

When you want to stamp on Washi Tape, use StazOn Ink or something similar or it might smear.

Come back tomorrow for some creative Card Ideas :D

xoxo, Rahel


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All About Stamping Vol2

Sooooo you guys, I got you some good news today :D Even though I am super busy with all kinds of things right now, I was able to make 3 new ‘All About Stamping’ Videos for you :D I will upload them in a row, so come back tomorrow and Friday to watch the other two :) Hope you enjoy!

First up: Special Birthday Wishes :D

In this video I’ve been using some of my new Clear Stamps, the Happy Mail and the Dream Real Big one :)

For the Chalkboard Technique I’ve used the Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint and some random White Chalk I found at Walmart for really cheap.

Happy Scrappin’ :D

xoxo, Rahel

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CAR4 Review

As I am writing this, I feel like falling asleep. The Jet lag always gets the better out of me. And I tell you, it doesn’t help, that Dexter is perfectly asleep and looks oh so cute and relaxed ;) hee

But I wanted to share with you, how my very first live Workshop at the CAR4 event was! It really was an experience – and a really good one I would like to add :D

My Mom and I (yes, she came as my assistant ;) ) arrived Friday afternoon. As this was my very first workshop, Barbara encouraged me to go and ask the cute Shimelle for a few tips and tricks about teaching. I was nervous to meet her. After all she’s a star in the scrap empire :)

She was amazing, answering me questions and telling me over and over again, that the girls there were just so sweet and nice. As I would later find out, she hadn’t exaggerated a little bit!

While I was in Shimelle’s Crash Course my Mom started to prepare the paper. We had to cut about a gazillion sheets into half, which took us about 2 hours straight ;) Then we started to pack our kits. That was fun! There’s nothing better than the smell of Crate Paper Patterned Paper……. (yes, Crate was the main Sponsor – HUUUUUGE THANKS TO THE CP PEOPLE :D )

Then the night came and we were supposed to sleep. I couldn’t. I was so nervous I would have bet that I would be dead the next morning. My heart was racing for hours and hours and I was wondering how much longer it could stand the hard pumping.

My hands were sweating, my knees soft as butter and my voice shaky as I started my class. 40 pairs of eyes were looking at me, full of anticipation. I was surprised about that. I had secretly thought that there must have been at least a few girls that would give me a really hard time, but that wasn’t the case! Not at all! Everyone was super nice, some ladies were even helping me out with particular German words when I would forget one! And then they started to scrap!

I had planed a class with lots of free scrapbooking rather than step by step instructions since this was the main thing I wanted to share. To just do it. To think outside the box. To allow and live the sentence ‘Imperfect is Perfect’

They did the Glitter Splatters, had tons of Washi Tape to play with (THANKS TO MT TAPE!!!) and used up many sheets of Tissue Paper ;)

If you weren’t there, you probably wouldn’t believe, that this huge room with 40 very chatty scrappy girls was dead quiet as they were working hard and with the most intense focus on their mini albums! It was a joy to just take that all in!

When the class was over every girl was beglittered ;) Seriously, glitter was everywhere! From fingers to floors to faces to hair – it was everywhere! And I think that was something the girls actually liked ;) To be ‘decorated’ with fairy dust ;) heeee

Later that day I repeated the class for another room of 40 girls – still very nervous, but not close to as much as the first time ;)

From this experience I learned something important. I have always very passionately hated to stand in front of people and give a speech. Truth: I still do ;) The night and morning before the class I asked myself, why I had gotten myself into this scary misery… I didn’t have a real answer, but now, looking back it was the best thing for me! Sometimes you just need to jump over your own shadow to experience and be a part of something great! I bet, all the heroes that we hear stories of had to do the same thing. I bet they were scared at times, all those great knights and kings, soldiers, presidents and wild west sheriffs, but they jumped and did something beyond their wildest imaginations!

On that note I want to list our amazing sponsors and once again say a HUGE THANKS to each of them!! Without you I would not have been able to jump :D Thanks!!!

MT Washi Tape

Crate Paper


Also a HUGE THANKS to Barbara!! You impressed me with your calmness and how you handled the event! It was awesome to get to know you and thank you for taking the chances to have me teach a class :D

And last but definitely not least a big old cheers to the 80 brilliant attendees of the event :D You girls really rock and it was an honor to share with you in person :D Anytime again ;) heee

Happy Scrappin’ :D

xoxo, Rahel


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SGD Girls Sunday

Those weeks really do fly by! Tomorrow I will be traveling back from Switzerland and have to say good bye to my family. Once again. But I’m super dooper excited to see my boys, especially Adrian :D Can’t wait to be in his arms again :)

So, enough rambling! Today I would like to start out the post with two beautiful cards by Lilith!

Above: Love what she did with the tag! And… I think I will have to get my hands on some green twine!! Perfect for summer projects :D

Below: I love what Lilith did with this one – using paper doilies and adding pretty centers! Love!

Next comes a wonderful layout by our talented Allison :D As always I love how she creates with natural color schemes! Makes me wanna go and get crafty ;) hee

All right! Hope you enjoyed the projects and found some good inspiration :D

Happy Scrappin’ :D

xoxo, Rahel

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