NOW in more than one way

Living in the NOW has always been kinda hard for me. I always have plans, ideas, dreams and so on and that is usually where my head is. But the last few days I feel like I am really becoming alive. Those plans and dreams might not be that far in the future as I have always thought…?

Since last night I am reading this book. I’ve never read a book of the ‘Dummies’ Series, but I am sold! Seriously, if you are thinking of – now let’s see if I get the next word right – entrepreneurship, then spend those 15 bucks on your career! I’m half through and I have learned so many things, and not only about business, but also about myself. Interesting. Exciting. New.

And since we are already talking about now, I have a layout to share with the title NOW ;) That now was from a few weeks ago, when I was working on a few projects, listening to Christmas Music and sipping some homemade milk-iced tea out of a Starbucks cup ;)

Wishing you a great great weekend!!

Happy Scrappin’ :D


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Just an Update…

I’ve been super busy during the last few days (well, who isn’t busy the week before Christmas…?) I’ve made like a gazillion layouts and other projects since I have to work ahead as much as possible for the trip. More details on that in a sec. Here a sneak on one of the pages :) Gotta show you that new technique I came up with the other day, making REAL glitter splatters!!! A.MA.ZING! :D Soon soon.

Oh yeah, and yesterday I colored my hair once again ;) I know, I look like 18 or so, but now I seriously look like 16 ;) One good thing comes from that: when I’m 50 I (hopefully) won’t look like 50 ;) ha!

And now to the trip….. We had to cancel our hotels in Jackson and Silver Gate, because there’s barely any snow up there right now (according to WeatherUnderground) so we are planning on leaving in the end of January. It’s a bummer, but there’s really no point in going without a ton of snow ;) Soooo, we’re trying to be excited about Christmas once again and see what happens with the trip. Things like that show me how small we really are and how amazing it is to have a God that is so so so much bigger and stands over all our itty bitty problems :)

All righty, I let you get back to all the Christmas preparations :D

Merry Christmas :D

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It pays out…

…to not give up ;)

Some time back I was chatting with my sister on Skype while painting a little scene of birch trees. All of the sudden she would hear “Oh great, I totally messed this one up!” and I was about to throw the painting away. But nonono, she said I should not give up so easily!

To show her what I was talking about I took a few shots during not giving up…

The result came out quiet nicely :)

A few days later I made another one (can you tell I’m a creature of habit……?) and I like that one even more :)

Why I’m sharing this with you? Well, because I wanted to demonstrate that giving up is (almost) never a good option :) And that doesn’t only count for painting or scrapbooking ;)

Enough emotional talk!

Merry Christmas ♥

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January Adventures & Layout

Today I have some crazy news to share with all of you. Nope, I’m not pregnant ;) But it’s still suuuper exciting and I have been antsy for the last few days, since we’ve started to book hotels ;)

We are going on a crazy Winter Road Trip, this January! We will be leaving on January 1st and will be driving up to Jackson, WY. Then after some discovering of Grand Teton and the bigger Jackson area we will be driving up north, through Yellowstone on the one and only open street to SIlver Gate where we will stay for another few days and hopefully see lots and lots of wildlife, including wolves :D

I hope the weather will work for us (and when I say that, I mean please let it snow!! And some sunshine to take pics of animals- pleeeease ;) ) We already got warm socks, a pair of awesome winter boots for me, gloves, sweaters…. Even cool snowshoes (sponsored by my parents for Christmas :D )

It’s just SO exciting!

BUT NOW – change of topics ;)

I made this layout for BlueMoonScrapbooking some time ago. I used my Silhouette SD to cut out some stars in various sizes – and I have been using them on a few more projects ever since :) By the way, I used my favorite Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, which is Suede. It is a beautiful brown color with GOLD!

Okay, enough for now :)

Happy Scrappin’ and Merry Christmas ♥

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Many years ago – I was about nine or ten years old – my Mom and I took watercolor classes. I loved doing it, but when we moved away I stopped painting.

Around my last birthday I felt like I should pick it up again. Like I said, I haven’t done it in years and it was a risk to buy all that super expensive stuff, just because I had a feeling ;) However, it was a good move. It took me some time to get back into it and so far I haven’t done anything too crazy – usually simple landscapes with distant mountains, forests and water fronts.

Last night thought I felt like stepping up the game. I found a beautiful photograph of bisons in the winter wonderland Yellowstone and started painting. After a few minutes I almost threw it away. I had NO idea whatsoever how to paint a snowy wall of trees…

From experience I know, that the best paintings are the once I hate in the beginning states, so I painted on and on and on – this is the result.

I love it.

The moral of this off-scrapbooking-themed story: Good can come from bad – or – don’t give up ;)

Happy Scrappin’ :D


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