2 Elle Projects

Happy Monday Everyone :D Hope you all enjoyed your weekends?

I thought I would start off this week with two projects I made for Elle’s Studio a few weeks ago. Her tags are absolutely amazing and I really love working with them :)

First off a layout about my sweeeet heart Adrian :D Love this guy to pieces!!! :D

Really love round shapes at the moment!

Then secondly I made this little Gift Card Tag with a Trader’s Joe Gift Card in it ;) Makes for a quick and easy Birthday Gift…. ;)

Have a great day and Happy Scrappin’ :D

xoxo, Rahel

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A few weeks back I saw this amazing glitter splatter technique over at Ania-Maria, a very talented crafter. Somehow I just couldn’t forget that glittery goodness and had to wrap my mind around this. How did she make those splatters?? And then it finally hit me! Watered down glue! Immediately I had to try it and the effect was amazing!!! I seriously use it on pretty much EVERY project I do at the moment… ;)

I finally got my video up and running on how to achieve the glittery splatter look… Hope you like it :D

Above: The supplies I have been using for this video. In the jar on the right hand I store my watered down glue. Don’t shake it or the lid will stick REALLY bad and you won’t be able to open it up ;)

Below: The different kinds of splattering – do a few samples to get to know the technique before you do it on a layout ;)

Below: Here is the sample of my favorite splattering techniques/supplies. For a matte Black or White I like to use either Mister Huey by Studio Calico or watered down acrylic paint.

Okay, hope you learned something today :D

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

Christmas Bowl

Hey Guys… Sorry for this crazy delay today! I was working on some American Crafts Deadlines for next month – yeah, we are doing stuff in January – more to that soon :D And then this afternoon we went to look at the Redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains. What an amazing drive that was :D

However, I wanted to share with you a super simple way to give your living room some Christmas cheer… Remember when I shared the antler pictures with you some time ago? Well, I simply added some more goodies to my bowl; ornaments, a sea star and some different pine cones and voila! Quick and easy and makes quiet the difference :D

The pictures aren’t amazing, but I don’t have time to get the better ones from my camera right now… Hope you understand :)

Merry Christmas ♥

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 6

Bedazzled Candles

I seriously love to bedazzle about anything! Shoes, lamps, ornaments, picture frames… you name it! So today I have a quick and glitterful project for you guys :D Hope you enjoy it :)

You’ll need: Candle, Glitter, Permanent and Clear Drying Glue (Jewel It), Brush

Squeeze out some glue on a plate or piece of scrap paper. Start picking up quiet a lot of glue with the brush and start painting the candle. You want to work in vertical sections so the glue doesn’t dry before you’re ready to glitter.

Once you have a section (about 1/3 of the candle) pour the glitter onto the candle and DON’T TOUCH at any time! The flatter the glue, the nicer the end result, so make sure you don’t have any pumps of glue before you use glitter.

Merry Christmas ♥

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 5

Bedroom Decorating

Since our bedroom also is my studio / work space, it is very important for me, that it gets some Christmas cheer as well as the other rooms of our lovely little home.

I started out by taking out my IKEA Christmas bedding – what a difference that made!! Then I hung a watercolor painting, a single reindeer antler and decorated it with shiny ornaments :)

PS: see how pretty my Woodsy Pillows are?? :D

Adrian’s nightstand got a vase filled with black stones (both from the Dollar store) on top of some books, wrapped in silver and white wrapping paper. I added some branches to that vase and hung a few more ornaments…

( I just love the contrast of those branches :D )

My side of the bed is held simple with two pictures as backdrop, a little basked for those necessities like lip balm & co and one tall taper candle.

To finish it all up I transformed the shelf overneath my workspace into a winter wonderland with some cheap white Christmas trees (Dollar Store), a scented candle and some planters from IKEA. Also I filled up one of my decorative bird cages with some cheap silver ornaments – that gives it that final bling bling moment ;)

I know, LOTS and LOTS of pictures in this post…. Hope you enjoyed it tough ;)

Merry Christmas ♥


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