IKEA Pillows

For my Birthday Adrian took me to IKEA! I loooove IKEA and if I could only choose one store to shop at until the end of my days, it would be IKEA! (see, I told you that I loved IKEA ;) )

We got THESE kitchen towels and yesterday I felt like doing some home decorating. Even though the towels were meant to be actual kitchen towels for wet hands or dishes, well, I couldn’t resist to make them into cute little pillowcases ;) I used some fabric I had laying around for the back. If you are planning on doing this, you might as well buy a second set of towels ;)

My sewing machine has 7 different button hole programs and I have always been very intimidated to try it out. Well, as the towels were a teeny bit short for my pillows I decided it was about time I learned that button business! I googled some instructions and about 10min later I had my first button hole made on a piece of scrap fabric :D

I decided to go with some reeeeaally cute buttons and instead of using normal white buttons I used some by Crate Paper. They are wooden and match perfectly with the beachy feel of my new (oh so pretty) pillows :D

Hope that inspires you to do something fun this weekend :D And let me tell you, button holes are easy and pillow cases don’t have to be sewn perfectly straight ;) hee

xoxo, Rahel

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Chalkboard Toaster Tutorial

UPDATE: So I just got a comment from someone telling me, that Latex Paint can be flammable. We gave our toaster a quick test run and it seems fine (obviously that doesn’t prove anything!). Just wanted to let you all know!! Maybe it wasn’t the bestest idea I’ve ever had ;) I didn’t delete this post because of the tutorial itself. Before you paint something ask yourself this question: could this go up in flames?? So paint boxes, jars, furniture, but maybe not toasters :D

Yesterday I got the Chalkboard Bug… And that meant, that I just couldn’t resist to paint our ugly red Toaster with that AMAZING paint ;)

When we first got married, I decided in a whim to have ALL our kitchen appliances in red. Thank goodness they didn’t have my KitchenAid Stand Mixer in red that day!! (even though, then I had at least a good reason to turn that into a chalkboard as well ;) )

Ready for a little Tutorial on this subject??

Pretty simple, right? Here a few pics of the process…

This is how it looked after the first layer of paint. Let it dry completely (doesn’t take long at all, maybe 20, 30 minutes) and then add a second and possibly a third layer.

I used a foam brush and a cheap normal brush for the more delicate areas. Make sure you rinse them when you don’t use them.

Now, I haven’t used the toaster yet (we’re out of bagels…) and I can’t tell you how it will hold up over time. So don’t blame me ;)

Hope you guys liked this one :D

xoxo, Rahel


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Quotes Journal

When I got my assignment from sweet Paige Evans for this month’s AC Blog Project, I was thrilled! I quickly knew what I would do: another Journal! This time just and only for Quotes! I have so many that I love, but forget after a day or two of discovery, just because I have a fartbrained head and don’t write them down ;)

So here we go. Another Journal ;)

I loved using the newest line by Elizabeth Kartchner. To make it even more feminine I decided to sew on some cute lace on the cover – loooove the effect!!

Hope you feel inspired to capture YOUR favorite quotes :D It’s totally worth the effort ;)

xoxo, Rahel :D

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Adventure Notebook

Yesterday night I had the hardest time to fall asleep. My head and mind was working and I was yelling at my self to SHUT IT OFF, but obviously that didn’t help much either ;) There were too many things going on. Wedding Photography, Ideas for upcoming Stamp Videos, Interior Design Inspiration… Too much!

Today I will need to start working on my To Do list. You know, in less than two weeks I will be in Europe… Aaaaahh!! Time goes way too fast ;) I also hope to get creative and do some fun projects. Maybe even a few videos…?

Enough ramble for a day, right?

Here’s my latest mini journal I made for BlueMoonScrapbooking! Did I ever confess my weakness for mini journals… ;)

So loving this front cover paper!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Rahel :D

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Watercolor Summer Style

So I told you that I was doing some painting the other day, right? Well, this is the outcome :D I’m pretty happy with my two masterpieces (so laughing at myself right now ;) )

I got the triangle idea over on Pinterest. It’s actually a lot of fun to do! And it’s worth to pay the extra bucks for a really good watercolor brush! Just a suggestion ;)

I’ve never painted feathers before, but really wanted to add some to my gallery wall. I almost gave up as they just didn’t want to come out nice and then I had the idea to sketch them with pencil first and that really made the difference ;) By the way, the big feather I found on the beach in Monterey when my friend had her Bachelorette Party :D The small one is from the doves that live on the roof at our place ;)

Happy Painting :D

xoxo, Rahel ♥

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