Sweetest You

I’m not even sure anymore which layout I have shared with you and which I didn’t…? Do you know that feeling or is that far off…? ;) Well yeah, since I don’t ‘work‘ as in going out every morning and coming home all tired (even tough my Daddy still calls it work, since I have to do the household and all my scrapbooking business / DT stuff / etc plus have to come up with new inspiration and ideas every day ;) ) I have been scrapbooking quiet a bit lately and that shows with stacks of brand new layouts on my little dresser ;) heeee

If that whole sentence was way too confusing let me tell you this. I don’t know if you have seen this layout below or not, but I’m boldly gonna share it with you today ;) PLUS the video from which I KNOW I haven’t shared yet (unless you’ve visited me on ScrapbookMentor.com…..) dumdeedum….

and here also the pictures…. (maybe again…?)

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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Hi y’all :D Today is a really good day! I have some crazy good news, but apparently I can’t share them just yet…. But don’t worry, I WILL! ;) Also I just hung up the phone (skype) – my mom and I just talked like 2 hours straight and it felt sooo good to share all the latest and greatest news and happenings with her :D aaaand it was her birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET MAMI :D It’s just a really good day today :D

Okay, but I will stop brabbling your ears off now and tell you a little about Plan B over at scrapbookmentor.com :)

After a few talks with my partner Will, we now decided that we don’t wanna leave anyone out by a subscription fee. What that means is, the forums will be open for everybody, absolutely for free :D I’m actually super happy about that, cause I know myself that I couldn’t pay a fee if I were in your shoes ;) So there ya go, Merry Christmas to you ;) heee (that’s what my husband ALWAYS says when we get something special, like food or so… ;) ) I also asked him to return the money to all the people that have signed up so far, so it will be a very fair game :D

We will of course have some changes, since we probably can’t afford to have huge giveaways etc. anymore. Also there won’t be a monthly creative bonus part from me anymore, but we hope (and encourage you) to sign up now and help us make the forum a really cool hang out place for everyone. That was the goal from the beginning and still is the focus, even tough we moved to Plan B ;)

So since it is for free now, I hope you all will come over to check it out, sign up and start chatting :D It would be awesome if you guys could do that for me :D

All righty, now I have one last thing before I stop writing ;) I just realized that BlueMoon posted another layout by me :D

Now, remember my post about me not being perfect at all? Some of you responded in the comments and asked me to share also the layouts I’m not 100% proud of. Well… This is one of the few.. I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel like me at all. I just really wanted to go kinda artsy and yeah.. You can see the result.. ;)

Happy Scrappin’ :D

and don’t forget to sign up ;)



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50% OFF

Hi girls (and boys) :D

Today I have great news for you! ScrapbookMentor is offering 50% off any monthly subscription! That means, instead of 49.99 you only pay 24.99 for one full month of scrapbooking goodness :D And not to forget, there’s going to be a giveaway draw on June 15th for all full paying members – the prize: a BRAND NEW Silhouette SD :D Sound good? Then hop over to ScrapbookMentor now and get your monthly subscription done :D heeee

Happy Scrappin’ :D


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Hey you guys :)

1. I was honestly surprised how many comments I got from you about my last post! It was very encouraging and I wanna give you all a big old cyber hug ;)

2. FINALLY ScrapbookMentor is now finished and more than ready to be presented!!!! :D The coder finally did his magic (and I bet it shouldn’t have taken him 1.5 months more than what he promised in the beginning……) and the forums not look stunning :D But if you wanna check it out yourselves…….. ;) Hit THIS button to join us over there now :D heeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeee

3. Last Sunday, yes, on Mother’s Day, Adrian and I also celebrated our 1 year anniversary :D It was super cute, Adrian jumped out of bed the second he woke up and changed into his shorts and ran out to the store and told me to stay in bed ;) When he came back he closed the door to the bedroom with that smirk of his and I only heard some shnickshnack noise in the living room. When I finally was aloud to go outside he had prepared a sweet fresh donut and cold chocolate milk breakfast with the number 1 on my plate, made out of M&M’s :) Also he got me a sweet card, flowers aaaaaaaand salami, mundet (some mexican cyder soda drink) and fresh bread :D (he knows I looooove salami and bread….)

It was super cute :D I on the other hand have bought him a cookbook! We really like Jamie Oliver and since Adrian really likes to cook (but always makes the very same dish — and I don’t like it at all……..)I got him a cookbook :) The only problem was…. It arrived too early and I just couldn’t wait to give it to him on Sunday….. So he got his present a couple days before the anniversary…… ;) Silly me……

Anyways, we are now happily married in the second year :D yay :D Only downside: we can’t use the term ‘Newly Wed’ anymore.. Makes one feel super old…………. heeeeee

4. I have been busy busy as a bee during the last couple weeks, creating, scrapping and so on :) Here’s one of my creations (WARNING: picture overload…) made for BlueMoonScrapbooking :) It’s a mini about our first home. I always wanted to make such a mini, just to remember our very first home together! That’s kinda a mile stone, isn’t it?? :D

All righty, I warned you….. lots of pictures :D

Happy Scrappin’ :D

PS: If you’re now wondering how I made this Album…… Yeeees, I’m going to teach that over at ScrapbookMentor in June :D It’s a pretty fantastic technique, I tell you that :D




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Perfect? Not really!

CAUTION: this is a super long post and I am pouring out my heart, so you might wanna skip it or get a cup of hot chocolate before you get started ;)

Lately I find that the scrapbooking scene is shifting, getting a new direction. When I read Elizabeth Kartchners Blog I always think, her life’s gotta be so perfect! With a fun husband that makes sweet jokes all the time, three adorable girls, the best career a girl could ever get…. Yes, her life’s gotta be perfect! Why I’m even thinking about that stuff? Well, a couple days ago I was listening to Noell Hymans Roundtable Show and they were talking about bloggers/scrappers that never show mistakes, all their pages are perfect and so is their house, life and family. Then a couple girls were saying that they show people how they themselves make mistakes with their art journals. They show every single page, if they like the result or not.

Somehow I got a little upset when they talked about the girls that seem to be oh so perfect. Were they jealous? I don’t know. But I know that my blog usually never shows any mistake on my layouts. I usually never talk about the hard times Adrian and I are going through from time to time and I usually never show pictures of our sometimes pretty messy home. Are people thinking my life’s 100% perfect too? A young girl (just about to turn 21 in a couple weeks), married to a wonderful man, immigrated to the USA, having traveled quiet a bit, having worked in a few DT’s, designed her own stamps and now the new venture ScrapbookMentor! Are you thinking I’m perfect? Maybe, I don’t know and I’d rather not be perfect in your eyes, because I’m not! I do make mistakes on my pages (but I know how to cover them up 99 times out of 100), Adrian and I do have fights about those stupid little small things, I do get moody, my mouth does stink in the morning and sometimes work (even tough I love scrapbooking) does suck! I can get frustrated and I do have to clean our home 2 times a week. Our bunny does poop and our kitchen can get super messy and stinky and just sit there for a couple days until I clean up! That’s just life and everybody – how perfect their blog seems – is going through those days.

I’m a little afraid and concerned that the scrapbooking scene is shifting into that ‘oh I’m such a normal girl with lots of mistakes’ kinda thing. Who the heck wants to read a blog where the main theme is: let’s complain and show the world how real I am – with all my many mistakes and errors. Aaaaahm, no thanks for me! I’d rather read a blog that is happy and positive, that gets my creative juices flowing! Sure, sometimes it’s really great to talk about the deeper things in our lives. And I even find it can help the writer as much as the reader – in fact – I got inspired for this blog post over at Decor8 with this post!

I don’t even know why I wrote this all, but somehow it seemed very important, to pour out my heart, to tell you that I’m not so perfect and neither is my life. I think the main reason why my posts usually are so happy and filled with smilies is, because I prefer to write when I feel good. I tend not to complain as much as when I feel horrible. Does that make sense to you? Also I really am not proud of our home when it’s all messy, so why even bother to snap a picture and share it here? Sure, a creative mess can be fun, but a clean desk is so so much more inspiring – at least for me ;)

Don’t get me wrong now, I adore Noell Hyman and I love to listen to her and the girls on the show :) And I guess it wouldn’t hurt too much to share a layout that got a few little beauty marks – if you now what I mean.. But on the other hand I think that we just have to start living with that – so what if a page didn’t come out perfectly! Doesn’t mean I have to complain about it and show the whole wide world how much I messed it up just to make them feel a specific way about myself. I think a blog should be personal, it should represent me myself and I – so my posts will continue to be happy, I will add lots of smilies and I won’t necessarily show you those messy spaces in our 700 sq ft home ;)

And here’s already the first exception for what I just said ;) A pretty messy desk with my brand new awesome computer :D (sitting right next to it, the 4 year old laptop….)

See, I can be messy too :D And the good part about that is: I’m so not ashamed of it (at least not in this pic… heeeeehee :) )

Happy Scrappin’ :D




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