Meet Dexter

Yes Yes Yes! Today it should start raining :D The sky is overcast and there’s a nice breeze going on! Finally ;) I definitely need it, since I’m trying to get into Christmas mood a little more to start working on my upcoming Christmas Class :D More about this class another day.

We got a kitten :D Yeah, I know, how unreasonable of us to get a kitten when I have allergies to cats… So I’m taking pills against sneezing, itchy nose and cough. I’m also looking into getting allergy shots… Anyone has taken them??

It’s all totally worth it! I love our new family member and Jynxy loves him as well! I was scared that Mr.J would grunt at the kitten or be mean, but guess what, he LOVES the little bugger! Really cute :)

While driving home from picking him up in the Santa Cruz area we had a battle of names ;) In the end we decided between Dusty and Dexter and Dexter won. I love the name and I think it will be purrrrrfect once the kitty has grown up… :)

But now: Meet Dexter, the cutest kitten in the world!! :)

Isn’t he the cutest with his little pink tongue and big blue eyes??

Here also a few shots of Jynxy and Dexter together. I tell you, it is HARD to take pictures of them together…

Jynxy is totally fine with the kitten, he even loves to have him over in his own cage!! Right now they are both hanging out together underneath the sofa… ;)

Lots more pictures to come!

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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…..and the winner is…..

First off I want to thank all of the lovely AC Blog Hoppers that have left a comment on my last post :) It was an amazing experience, since I have never participated in a Blog Hop ever before ;) But it was A LOT of fun, especially to read through all the sweet notes you guys have left me :D Thank you all so much!!

And as promised I am going to give away the cute stamp set from the brand new Amy Tangerine line – Lovestruck :D (I’m so giddy to give them away ;) )

…..and the winner is…..

drumroll please

Sara said: This layout is just what you need to warm your heart on a cold and rainy day in England it is such a fun idea like a little story book all on one great page but still with all your usual details that make me come back to you again and again for inspiration! ps good luck with your new adventure in photography. I can say nothing else except great prize and i really hope you can post to England lol x

Congrats to you Sara :) I hope you will enjoy the stamps and make some great art work with them :D

These are here… just because I can’t write a post without a pic or two.. ;)

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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Happy Feet

Yay, it’s my BlueMoon day again ;) They are getting new stuff in the store almost by the hour ;) So go over there and check out the online ship :)

So here’s my layout – once again about Jynxy :) I love that little bugger so so so much! He’s been getting much more calm lately, which we enjoy, cause now he likes to jump on the couch and hang out with us while we watch a movie. Before he didn’t like to sit still at all…

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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Space (Bunny) Boy

Yay, it’s Wednesday which means it’s my BlueMoon day ;) heeeee

I made this page about Jynxy with the ‘Rocket Age’ line by October Afternoon. I LOVE that line! I love the blue (which is a true blue and not anything like cornflower blue or whatever..) and I love love love the cute images they have printed on the paper! So superdooper sweet ;)

Well, anyways, here’s my layout! Oh, you ask why I called it ‘Space Boy’ ?? Weeeeell… I always think that Jynxy’s whiskers look like alien antennas ;) And since in these two pics they are very visible I just had to go with that name ;) heeee (Shorry…. I’m shtrange…. ;) )

Okay, I’m off! Have to do my workout session and later on I will film my first class – outside :D heeeeee Can’t wait!!!

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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Blog Errors

Hi fellow scrappers! First and foremost I want to apologize for the inconveniences of my blog lately. I had several problems where it would mark IP Addresses as spam, but that was not enough and so the server went down yesterday and didn’t recover for quiet a while.. They shut it down, because my blog was too big! (can you imagine that!!? Pure frustration….!) We had to find a new server in SOS time and my dad spent many hours with me on skype, helping and doing whatever it needed to get it up and running as soon as possible. Thanks daddy :D

Since I couldn’t share my most recent DT work yet, I wanna share it now – a new layout plus video for BlueMoonScrapbooking :D

Wanna hear the story behind the picture? But you HAVE to promise not to think I’m a sicko!!

So Jynxy always makes that funny face when he makes his little business in his poop box and Adrian and I call it ‘the Awkward Face’. So since I’m a scrapbooker I don’t ever want to forget that cute face he does when he’s all concentrated on doing… you know.. ;) It’s just so funny and I thought would be cute to have in a Jynxy Album (once I start buying albums and actually sorting layouts….. ;) ) heeeee

Happy Scrappin’ :D



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