Oops, totally missed to show you this page I did for BlueMoon a couple weeks ago ;) So much going on here! I have been cleaning and getting things done today, since on Sunday my very best friend from Switzerland is coming for a 2 week visit :D :D :D  We are both super dooper excited and can’t wait to see each other ;) heeeeeeeeeeeeeee also we are going to Las Vegas and San Diego during that time!! 1. Because she really wanted to go there and 2. because it’s my 21st birthday :D :D :D heeeeeeeeee can’t wait to be the princess for one day…… dumdeedum… ;)

Happy Scrappin’ :D


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USA Mini Album

A new week, a new day and a new blog post over at BlueMoonScrapbooking, what else do you want for a great start into another busy December week? :)

I have started to create a mini album about our trip around the USA. Like I said, I have started and the album isn’t finished yet. There are lots and lots of other pictures that wait to get used for this project….. I guess I will continue in January, after all the Christmas busyness ;)

I had def lots of fun using my new stamps in this album!! :D

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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New Orleans by Night

Today I have a new BlueMoon layout to show you guys  :D  This picture was the last one that I was able to print out from home, after this one my Selphy printer was broken…… *arg*

It was the first I did after I came home from our trip around the USA and I was so inspired by the many towns we have seen. As you can see, I cut out a little town silhouette of the yellow Basic Grey paper. Here you can your fantasy go all wild ;)

I also cut out the hotel picture and name from a coaster that I collected at the hotel ;)

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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black & white

This morning was the worst morning ever! I woke up and my back and stomack muscles were hurting like crazy (I still haven’t adapted to our mattress yet…….), that was leading me to get all cranky and grumpy and Adrian tried to cheer me up with being cute and silly (what made me even more rusty…). After we went to Best Buy, Costco and Walmart to find a great deal for a new photoprinter (remember, my old one just died a few days ago….) I tried myself again on that one layout that I was working on all afternoon yesterday. Let me tell you something: it is still unfinished! I couldn’t believe that! Usually I am done with a layout in about an hour, not this time…

Since Adrian had to work this afternoon (thank goodness for him, I wasn’t the best companionship today…) I took on the challenge on cleaning this place up again. Gosh it was dirty ;) So I cleaned the floors and furniture surfaces (and still haven’t done the kitchen..) and tried again to scrapbook. I changed the picture, that helped a bit, but then I was done again. No way to get that layout done with my mojo on vacation…

Anyways, so I made myself a cup of hot Swiss Miss chocolate, opened a (very old) bag of marshmallows, lit a candle and watched “Wives & Daughters”, all perfectly snuggled up with Adrian’s Adidas pants and my old hoodie ;)  (yeah, the blue one I am always wearing ;) )

My mood has changed and I am feeling very peaceful again :) What a nice feeling after such a bad morning…. ;)

I hope I didn’t bore you too much with that little episode of “Rahel-Live”, so I am having a couple more photographs to share with you. I love them very much. They have that sence of quietness, sadness and still a great deal of hope.

Pistol River – Oregon

This and the two following pictures are from Newport – Oregon

Some building in some city…

Hope you guys have a much better weekend than I had by now ;)

And: Happy Scrappin’ :)

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