A Crate Paper Tutorial

Hello Friends! It has been a while since I created an actual photo tutorial, huh ;) Well, today I got one to share with you. In fact, I have to direct you over to the Crate Paper Blog for you to see what I’ve tutorialized ;) (I know, the word is totally made up ;) )

Here’s a little tiny sneak ;)

Now, throughout the summer you will see more of this project of mine. It’s a mini album all about Summer 2012 and I am planning on adding pages every once in a while :) I’m for sure super excited about capturing our favorite memories that way :D

The size is 8×6″

Here the first 3 pages…

Above: The Title Page. I want to keep them similar by using a handful of colors and techniques. My colors are: Yellow, Aqua, Pink, Peach and White. The techniques: Title Cut-Outs (with Silhuette), Glitter Splatters, Boarders, Sewing and Washi Tape

Below: In the Tutorial you can see how I created the background for the CA State Cut Out ;)

Below: Here I created a glitter boarder on the bottom of the page. Simply use your brush with watered down glue to ‘paint’ the boarder and then add the glitter and let dry :) Simple as 1 2 3 :D

Hope you’re enjoying the tutorial :D

And now I’d love to hear from you: Are you capturing your summer months as well and how?? :)

xoxo, Rahel

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IKEA Pillows

For my Birthday Adrian took me to IKEA! I loooove IKEA and if I could only choose one store to shop at until the end of my days, it would be IKEA! (see, I told you that I loved IKEA ;) )

We got THESE kitchen towels and yesterday I felt like doing some home decorating. Even though the towels were meant to be actual kitchen towels for wet hands or dishes, well, I couldn’t resist to make them into cute little pillowcases ;) I used some fabric I had laying around for the back. If you are planning on doing this, you might as well buy a second set of towels ;)

My sewing machine has 7 different button hole programs and I have always been very intimidated to try it out. Well, as the towels were a teeny bit short for my pillows I decided it was about time I learned that button business! I googled some instructions and about 10min later I had my first button hole made on a piece of scrap fabric :D

I decided to go with some reeeeaally cute buttons and instead of using normal white buttons I used some by Crate Paper. They are wooden and match perfectly with the beachy feel of my new (oh so pretty) pillows :D

Hope that inspires you to do something fun this weekend :D And let me tell you, button holes are easy and pillow cases don’t have to be sewn perfectly straight ;) hee

xoxo, Rahel

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Chalkboard Toaster Tutorial

UPDATE: So I just got a comment from someone telling me, that Latex Paint can be flammable. We gave our toaster a quick test run and it seems fine (obviously that doesn’t prove anything!). Just wanted to let you all know!! Maybe it wasn’t the bestest idea I’ve ever had ;) I didn’t delete this post because of the tutorial itself. Before you paint something ask yourself this question: could this go up in flames?? So paint boxes, jars, furniture, but maybe not toasters :D

Yesterday I got the Chalkboard Bug… And that meant, that I just couldn’t resist to paint our ugly red Toaster with that AMAZING paint ;)

When we first got married, I decided in a whim to have ALL our kitchen appliances in red. Thank goodness they didn’t have my KitchenAid Stand Mixer in red that day!! (even though, then I had at least a good reason to turn that into a chalkboard as well ;) )

Ready for a little Tutorial on this subject??

Pretty simple, right? Here a few pics of the process…

This is how it looked after the first layer of paint. Let it dry completely (doesn’t take long at all, maybe 20, 30 minutes) and then add a second and possibly a third layer.

I used a foam brush and a cheap normal brush for the more delicate areas. Make sure you rinse them when you don’t use them.

Now, I haven’t used the toaster yet (we’re out of bagels…) and I can’t tell you how it will hold up over time. So don’t blame me ;)

Hope you guys liked this one :D

xoxo, Rahel


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Notebook for BlueMoon

So it took me two days to get back into being creative after coming home from our wonderful trip ;) Yesterday I finally felt like starting to re-decorate our living room. I carefully told Adrian about my idea of getting a new ‘white’ bookcase and throw out the black one…. I said it could be my early Birthday present ;) I also told him that I am thinking of painting our coffee table and putting a piece of glass on top of it to secure the paint and make it a bit more sophisticated ;) (When we got our apartment we bought everything in black. Coffee Table, Book Shelf, TV Furniture, Table, Chairs….. Everything other than the couch… And you know my love for white, right…?)

I also started to do some artwork for my gallery walls :D I did a feather painting (which turned out to be really ‘real looking’ and one with lots of cute triangles. I will take some pics later and share – once it is all finished up :D

But today I got a Notebook to share with you, that I created for BlueMoonScrapbooking. The purpose (yeah, this one actually has a purpose….) is for me to sketch and collect photographs of great poses. Yeah, for my photography adventure :D Kind of like an inspiration journal that I can review before I go on a shoot :)

And so I never forget what I want to do with my photography, I used a picture of my own Wedding. It’s my all time favorite picture, that says so much about that particular moment :)

Hope you liked :D I have to go and cook up some lunch ;) Green Beans with Bacon (yuuuuuuuum) and either Rice or some Tortellini… Not sure yet ;)

Have a great day and continue to follow your dreams!

xoxo, Rahel


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Quick Tip

Just zooming in from Birthday activities (Adrian is turning 26 today :D :D :D and I am super excited, because I love to give him presents….. ;) ) to share a quick tip with you!

I don’t know if you work the same way as me, but I need to ‘see‘ my scrap stuff in order to use it on my pages. A few days back I made this little test of embossing powders so I can see the difference between Clear and White on white cardstock – long story short – by accident I found a cool way that helps me to remember techniques and products!

Yesterday I played around with a little flower (Michael’s or JoAnn’s) and it’s so inspirational! I used Glitter Glue, Clear and Silver Nailpolish (silver looks really great!!) and Glimmer Glaze.

I know, the effects are kinda hard to see on this picture, but you get the general idea, right?

Hope this inspires you to try new things and use new techniques on your next project :D

Happy Scrappin’ and Merry Christmas ♥

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