Scrappinize Magazine

Finally I am able to talk about one of the top secret profects :D heeheee (there are still more to come ;) )

A couple months ago I got an e-mail from an Italian lady that asked me if I would participate in a brandnew Italian magazine called Scrappinize. Of course I would say yes ;)  I thought it would be a short interview, not longer than one page. And then yesterday the magazine went online. I was totally wrong, not one or two pages, but five pages were about me!! What an honor!! :) Apparently the magazine is 35MB when you download it, but it really is worth it, even tough I can’t understand one single word ;) haha  But those ladies really really rock!! But yeah, look for yourselves :D

Here are the two articles about me, myself and I :D  Thanks Alessia, it really was a great project :D heeee

The last two pages are a step by step Layout. I will show it to you a little later today ;)

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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Winner, Layout and More

I am writing from a nice little hotel room in Sandusky, Ohio! We passed Chicago yesterday and did a very nice drive through Michigan on Hwy 12 (really nice!!) and then went into Detroit. And here I have another little episode to tell you ;) Gosh, it was crazy!!

So we are driving around in town and our (peeeeep) GPS is once again “recalculating – recalculating” and maybe you know where Detroit is, right at the boarder to Canada….. So our GPS is at 80% and we are not paying that much attention and oooops, we are at the driveway to the customs…. There is no way to turn around so I pull down my window and we ask some people in official clothes – bad move!!! NEVER ever ever do that!! The ugly lady asks us all seriously to answer some questions like, where we are from and stuff like that. She tells Adrian to turn off the car and give her the keys!! Are you kidding me?? We just want to turn around!!! Adrian gets all mad  and that is not helping either… They tell us to park the car and go into customs (or whatever that little house was….) There they want to see our ID’s and we wait and wait! They are all starring at us all with that mean face…. About a half an hour later we were told to leave and that was the end of that experience in Detroit. Do we really look all badass-like?? I don’t think so… ;) So if you ever go to Detroit, always be careful NOT to take the wrong turn ;) hahaha

We also tried to camp again… The last time, maybe you can remember, it rained all night long and everything got soking wet… This time we started our day with a nice breakfast at the hotel. We put new ice into the ice chest and started driving. Everything was great until we found our very nice campspace (we were the only one – we found out later why….) and began to put together the tent. I then brought out the sleeping bag. It was soaking wet… Not the whole thing but the edges and corners…. I started to take out everything out the trunk and then I see what went wrong: we left the ice chest lid open. The small one to let out the water……. It was open all day long and EVERYTHING was wet. We wanted to bring the sleeping bags to the laundry room to dry them but that was already closed. Great! So I took out my pink hair dryer and started drying those sleepingbags………… lalalalalaaaaaaaaaa

A couple hours later we found out why we were the only ones on the site – it got FREEEEEZING cold that night. We were all cuddled up together, had two sleeping bags, were wearing thick sweaters and long pants, but I guess that was not good enough. We woke up a couple times, always freezing and shivering….. But we made it! We decided now to mostly sleep in motels/hotels until the weather gets warmer and dryer ;) We will see :)

Some more pictures – still from the westcoast – since I haven’t uploaded the new ones………….. I love this country and I am SO pround to be a Green Card holder :D YAY!!




Laura Says:

hey girl, i hope you have a nice road trip. I really would like the splatter stamp set. I live in Tacoma, Washington and Seattle has alot of cool stuff and I know the Tacoma Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium is really big and awsome. Thanks for the chance to win. Laura

Laura, please send me an e-mail with your address at  :D


BlueMoonScrapbooking posted a blog post with one of my DT layouts for September! See the original post HERE!

I was doing this layout about a dog that I love. It is apparently not my own dog but he belongs to a very very good friend of us :)  His name is Quincy and he is such a sweetheart ;) I wanted to make a nice little memory about our summer plays at the pool…. Can’t wait to play with him soon :D

Lately I really like to use a lot of white space on my layouts. Also like to clutter and reuse some of my non-scrapbooking stuff ;)

I used some 7Gypises paper here and cut out the bushy thing :) Also did some receiceling on this one: Arizona Ice Tea label ;) hihi

Also used some of my own stamps……. and some 7Gypsies rubons. love em!!

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More Custom-Made Layouts

A LOT is going on behind the scene of swissgirlDesigns right now! I am creating layout after layout for a big surprise! Also this surprise has to be created and so I am busy all the time :)

Yesterday I finished that one custom made album I was showing you just a few days ago. Now it’s done, how sad… But there are so many more projects waiting for me, so I can’t really complain about that ;)

Once again, you will see my new stamps all over the layouts ;) I just love them soooo much!!!

As a last page of an album I like to create a “Pocket-Layout” where I can put in ephemeras and journalilng. Here I created the pocket all myself. I think it looks pretty awesome ;)

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New Layouts

Hi there! I have been so uninspired for the last couple of days and when I wanted to make a layout it would just not flow. I hate that. It was horrible. But then, one sunny morning I was inspired again. I printed out a couple of pictures and sat down with them and tataaaaa, I made a new record! Four (4) Layouts in just one (1) single day!

So anyways, I wanted to show three of them to you. There are two things that are very special about them.

  1. They are for a customer (thank you Meg for this awesome opportunity!)
  2. You see the FIRST SNEEK PEAKS OF MY CLEAR STAMPS on the layouts!!!!!

I hope you like it… :)

a very simple yet elegant layout about the bride… Here you see the stamp “what a great Day” on the lower right corner of the pictures.

This layout is the cover for the whole album. Here you see the owls, the speech bubble and the stamp “the beginning of something New”

a close-up of the owls…. love them!!

On this layout I wanted to give the bride and groom an opportunity to write down some of their own thoughts about their wedding. Here you see the “Notes to last forever” stamp.

What do you think about the stamps?? Do you like them?? I hope so :D I am having so much fun to mix and match the four sets with each other! Hope you will so too :)

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Mini Album

Today I would like to show you a mini album that I made as a wedding present for Adrian’s best friend. I created this album with a lot of free space so they can put in their own favorite wedding pictures when they get home from their honeymoon :) Hopefully they will like it….

I used book rings so if they want they could add pages to the album later on.

On a couple pages I used some Gesso to give the Kraft Cardstock some texture.

As you can see I used my two stamp sets to give them some special journaling spots throughout the album.

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