A Crate Page

I love the new ‘Creative Weekly‘ that Crate Paper hosts once a month! It’s so fun to see what all the other girls from the DT come up with each challenge :)

This months challenge was to craft a project, using the color Chartreuse! Not an easy color to work with, if you asked me, but definitely a really awesome challenge! I love to stretch myself every once in a while and do something out of my comfort zone. That’s when you really start to grow – in your creativity as well as a human being.

Here’s the page I came up with :)

If you haven’t checked out the challenge, go and look now :) There’s an awful lot of amazing inspiration from the other CP Girls :D

Have a happy Day :D

xoxo, Rahel


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Update, Peeks and Photos

It’s been kinda quiet on the swissgirlDesigns Blog lately, huh! Well, that is probably

  1. because I didn’t have anything real to share
  2. because I was a tad bit too busy with my Photography Business
  3. because time goes by too quickly ;)

So let’s start this off with a little Sneak Peek to a layout I designed yesterday :D It’s simple, but different from what I usually do, because I challenged myself to use circles as the main focus :D Fun Fun Fun!! (to challenge oneself I mean..)

Then I got a bunch of pictures I thought I could share with you today. I made them a little while ago, when Adrian and I drove around, scouting for some rad places to have photo sessions!! It didn’t really matter that Adrian didn’t cooperate too well with modeling – we had a blast anyways ;).

Above: I know I know, you can’t even make out his face in this picture… BUT for some weird reason it just looks so perfect…. I think it might be the contrast between soft and hard… :)

Other than that…. Did you guys see all the new Collections that are coming out this Winter at CHA??? OMG, I am so antsy and excited!! Can’t wait to play with the new stuff!! I started a Pinterest Board where I pin all my top faves… Have a look :D

Last but not least: The Design Team Call for swissgirlDesigns will end TONIGHT at midnight, so if you want to give it a shot, this is your very last chance!!! :) Good Luck!! :)

Happy Scrappin’ :D

PS: Please ‘like’ swissgirlDesigns & Rahel Menig Photography on Facebook :D Thanks :)

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Oh my gosh, it’s already June!!! Aaaaaah, and I’m so freaking out, I really don’t like the heat – and let me tell you, it gets pretty darn hot here in Cali……. But I guess I have to get used to that now – so let’s go shopping for some sweet dresses ;) heeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Today I’d like to share with you just another quick layout I did on NSD with Studio Calico :) I made this picture on our road trip around the USA, quiet a while ago now. Really liked it (it’s my PC background right now) and had to make a whole layout about it :D

This was the last of 4 layouts in one day – I am pretty sure that was a new record for me!!! Usually I never make more than one or maybe two a day… ;)

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Adventure

WOW I have been a horrible blogger lately! When was my last post? A week ago? Gosh ;) I have been busy, getting things done for ScrapbookMentor and other DT’s. All those Deadlines that I have to meet – gosh, I love my job :D

Yesterday I burned myself on the neck. You ask how?? Aaaaahm…. all righty, I let you know! With my super hot curling iron…. Now I have three pretty big marks that have turned dark… Great! After that accident (and after finishing my hair – of course) I got a little high temperature, something like fever… I was super sleepy, felt pretty darn sick and cold/hot all afternoon long and watched Desperate Housewives and some PBS animal shows until my sweetheart came home. Yeah, wasn’t my best day ever ;)

Today I finished up two more layouts. I decided to get myself into some magazine publishing – or at least I will send in some pages and see what happens ;) I have never really done that, so I’m excited if something happens with that. But to be honest my hopes aren’t too high up ;) I guess it’s worth the shot tough.

Tomorrow we have to bring Jynxy to the vet. He’s getting fixed…. Poor little thing… But it needs to be done, since bunnies tend to get aggressive and very stubborn with age… Oh, and super stinky since they spray all over the walls and furniture…….. So yes, it needs to be done! So far he has been pretty sweet. He’s doing his bunny business in his own little bathroom that is located in his cage. Also he’s getting better with the cables…….. Yes, he’s a bit of a muncher… He likes attention but hates to be held – I have NO idea why, but he starts to scratch and wants to jump right off you if you’re not super careful and hold him feet up….. Yes, and tomorrow he’s getting fixed and I hope very much that he gets calmer and nicer and let’s us hold him ;)

Here’s just another layout I did for Studio Calico’s NSD Challenges – no, I did not win anything….. Somehow I am super unlucky in that way….. Too bad ;) I guess I shouldn’t complain since I already got a the greatest job of ‘em all, right?? :)

I used some PC packaging (did I already tell you about my brand new computer???) and sewed it onto a patterned paper. It kinda works like a overlay, pretty cool ;)

Hope you liked this :)

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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NSD on ScrapbookMentor

I have already said something about the online crop we are going to host on ScrapbookMentor on NSD (National Scrapbooking Day), right? I have been working and scrapping and writing and planning A LOT during last week and still have a few more tasks on my to do list. It’s going to be a fun, relaxed and most of all inspiring day for all that join us :D We are going to spoil you guys with lots of yummy giveaways, inspiration and of course: great challenges and chit chat – scrapbooking and not-so-scrapbooking related ;)

Now, to be able to give you that advertisement-free enviroment at ScrapbookMentor, we have to charge you with a membership fee. BUT there is a 14 day trial option for only 1.00 $ :D So don’t wait and go over THERE and try it out :D Especially for NSD, you might wanna get to know other people before we start croppin’ right? :D Plus, you really

don’t wanna miss all the giveaway goodness ;) heeeeeee :D


Here a little sneakaroo on the challenges… ;)

Color Challenge


Supply Challenge

Scrap the Phrase

Notebook/Journal Challenge


And of course, what’s a sneak without some pics!!? ;)

All righty, hope to see you all on Saturday over at ScrapbookMentor :D

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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