more Photography…

Hey there!! I just edited some more pictures that I took at the Maritimes in Canada this summer that I want to show you. I would love to show you layouts instead of “just” Photographs, but right now my mojo isn’t with me…






I hope, you enjoyed the feeling of romance, recreation and silence. It was so beautiful to be there at that very moment and I am more happy that my pictures reflect all those feelings.

(By the way, the colors aren’t faked ;) )

Have a good day!!

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I just edited this picture, that I took in Canada, somewhere in the Maritimes.. You can see how it was before the editing and now how it looks after I took it into my favorite software… ;)


Original Picture and…

… the edited version…


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Canada – Happy Thanksgiving!

I am just waiting for my friend Mark, that will pick me up at my homestay place to join his family for Thanksgiving and I was thinking, if I should post something or not. I decided to write a little bit ;)

Okay, first of all: It is snowing right now! And the very interesting thing is, there are still people that walk around in Crocks, with no socks! Others are wearing shortsleeved shirts and pants, while I just got out my snowboard jacket… I actually feel very stylish in this City. It looks like nobody really cares about what they are wearing. I don’t have a style, I just find a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pullover – that’s it. But now I feel so beautiful. Why? A lot of the population here is wearing stuff that you would never ever see in Europe! Like a mustard-yellow XXL jacket over red pants and very old and dirty shoes. Or a two colored Jacket – green and brown/red – with a skirt, old boots and a backpack… Funny ;)

To all of you, at least to all of my readers from Canada: I wish you a very very nice Thanksgiving Weekend with your friends and relatives!!

xoxoxo, Rachel

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Lower Fort Garry

Hi! On Friday I was at Lower Fort Garry with my school. Since I am used to see old buildings (because I am Swiss), it wasn’t that much interesting to me. And it was freeeeeezing!! OMG! I don’t know, it was about 5°C or so, but still, just too cold for light Converse shoes…

Anyway. I took some pictures that I would like to show you!






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