Some last words…

I just went through all the comments from the last few posts and while I was tearing up I’m also feeling like I’m ready to fly again.

Thank you all for these AMAZING years, thank you all for your support! It’s been about 8 years that I’ve dedicated my time and energy to scrapbooking and blogging and it was so wonderful to get to know such amazing people that have been in my corner for all this time!! Thank you!!


Now, I’ve always wanted to share some stuff about DT’s!! And I never have. There are girls out there, that want to get into DT’s just like I used to all those years ago. So this next part will be for the ones that want to work for DT’s :)


  • Try to challenge yourself and get better with every project you craft
  • Find your own style & niche
  • Make the best out of the supplies you already have
  • Blog blog blog!
  • Be consistent with blogging. Try to keep a schedule, 2-3 times every week or whatever feels right for you
  • Manufacturers often don’t take total newbies (even tough they say they do…) Therefore start out with smaller DT’s and work your way up
  • Don’t give up!
  • Check manufacturer blogs (or the site you’d like to work for) at least once a week and react when they’re having a DT Call
  • If the company has a forum, participate genuinely. Get to know other people and let them get to know you.
  • If you’re applying for a manufacturer DT, get some of their supplies to craft your submission.
  • Try to craft something that will stand out.
  • When typing your bio, keep it fresh but short. Coordinators have to read their way through so many applications, that you want to stand out positively.
  • Always be honest.
  • If they want a headshot, make an effort and send in a good one
  • Always re-size your images to the guidelines!!


  • Look at your work with a critical eye. Can you get better at something? Challenge yourself!
  • Don’t give up if you don’t get picked right away. There are many DT’s a applied to in my early days and about 90% didn’t even get back to me! It’s normal.
  • Don’t apply to any DT. Pick the ones you would truly love to work for – if you’re terrible witch sketches, don’t do sketch blogs. If you have a modern style, don’t apply for a DT that features romantic pages.
  • Don’t write negative blog posts and don’t talk badly about companies that haven’t picked you.
  • And again, don’t give up. It might not happen from one day to another, so be patience and take it easy. Learn and grow in the meantime and get better at what you do!

And now, go get ‘em Tiger!!! :D


There’s been a common question about my youtube channel and this blog, if they’re going to stay on the internet or not. As for youtube, I’m not sure what will happen, but for now the videos will stay where they are. The blog on the other side will vanish sometimes in the upcoming year. It is expensive to host a site and I hope you understand that I cannot continue to pay for it in the future…


The Etsy Shop is getting emptier!! Thank you all for helping me make space :) I will keep the shop open for about another month, but then I will have to close these doors as well. Therefore, if you want a stamp set or two, please get them now. It will be too late real soon.


And last but not least, there are still some packs left from the Flea Market :) I’ve lowered the prices, but if you feel like making me an offer on any pack, please do so :) It’s really hard to know the worth of the goodies.


Have a Happy New Year!!!

xoxo, Rahel

PS: This was the 500st blog post :D

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Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas time this year!! And as promised we have three lucky winners from the Farewell Blog Hop :) Thank you all for participating!!
Here we go…….
SparklinD said:

Love that layout.. the sheet of music paper is awesome.. Will definately miss the inspiration!

just finished the hop!!! LOVE LOVE your work and style!!!! Merry Christmas and sad to see its the last hop!!!! your works stuns me!!!!! its wonderful

Hi Rachel! Ty so much for this amazing chance and I wish you the best by the new venture!! Have a nice day!

Congrats girls :D Please send me an email at so that I can send you your stamp sets :D

xoxo, Rahel

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Farewell Blog Hop

Well, here we go for our very last Blog Hop with the SGD Girls. I’m excited to share one last time with you, what made this time so special for me.

The SGD Girls and I have all picked out our favorites from the past. Check out each blog to learn and get inspired.

And now I’d like to say one last thing, before we go to my faves. Nina, Janna and Lilith: thank you for being such great DT’mers!! You three have truly made this blog beautiful during the last few months! Thank you for sticking with me and my stamps :D It’s been an honor to have you all and I’m excited to see what you will do in the future!! Love you ladies :)

I love this one, well, because of the color combo and the bird that is stamped on transparency. It makes the cover of this mini quiet unique and gives it lots of texture.

These mini album pages were made for a recipe exchange. I used the Cookbook set and a typewriter font for the description. The little peeks of colors and the whimsical sewing makes this little project special to me.

This last page was one of my favorites. Again, the texture and overall feel, all the little snippets of paper scraps.. Love it! The banner was very simple to make. Just cut a bunch of triangles of similar colored paper and hot glue them right onto the page. No sewing necessary!


Now that you’ve checked out my faves, go ahead and visit Nina on her blog to see, what she’s sharing with us today :D

Rahel >> you are here!





We’re going out with a bang and to make sure this is a celebration I’m giving away three stamp sets to three lucky hoppers :D Simply leave a comment on this Blog Post by December 25th and I will announce the three winners on the 26th of December. It’s your very last chance to win stamps, so start commenting :)


The shop will close soon.

All stamps are on sale right now – get them for $10 instead of $14.99!!


Have a fun time hopping :D

xoxo, Rahel

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Clean Out Flea Market

The other day I started to really sort out my scrapbooking stash. I’ve decided to keep my most favorite items (obvious, right ;) ), put some away for my Mom (she loves 3D stickers for cards) and even some for our future kiddos (cause I’m sure, if they are just a little bit like me, I’ll be HAPPY to have some colored paper and stickers handy…)

Basically what happened is this: I still got a HUGE bunch of stuff that now needs to go. There’s a ton of paper, Thickers (these were the hardest to part from, but I just have way too much and need space!), all sorts of stamps and embellishments. All stuff I collected over the last 8 years!! Crazy, huh ;)

Sooo, I decided to give you a chance to grab some goodies if you like :) It was super hard to give them a price tag, so if you feel like making an offer, please do!!

Shipping within the US is around $20. International is somewhere between 40 and 60…. (sorry girls, just what USPS wants to deliver a package…) For Canada, please ask :)

If you’re interested in a pack, please send me an email at and let me know which one you like :D

Pack I – Patterned Paper – SOLD

Pack II – Paper Pads & Cardstock – $30


Pack III – Stamps – SOLD

Pack IV – Embellishment Kit – $25


Pack V – Embellishment Kit 2 – $35

RahelMenigPhotography_174 RahelMenigPhotography_175 RahelMenigPhotography_176

Pack VI – Thickers – $40


Pack VII – Thickers 2 – SOLD


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A Past of Crafting

This is probably one of the very last posts on this blog. But don’t be sad, be happy for a girl that has been able to find her dream and has the courage to pursue it :) If you want to learn something from me, then it should be this. Dream BIG. Go after your dreams and follow your heart. It can be tough, but simply stick with it, get better at what you do and there will be a reward.

Phew, getting all philosphical on you today ;) haha!

What I originally wanted to say was simply this: here are a few of my favorite projects from the past. Yes, I’m kinda looking back with mixed feelings. You know, those warm and fuzzy ones. I’m a little afraid of looking ahead, into the future, because there’s such a huge workload waiting for me!! But it’s all gonna be worth it! And yes, it is exciting to do what you love to do :) So it’s all good.

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Rahel

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