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Flower washi tape, silver sequins, fabric scraps, doily edges, baker’s twine and lots of fun youthfulness – yep, that is me! My name’s Rahel Menig and I grew up in beautiful Switzerland, but moved to the even more beautiful United States to marry my very best friend, back in May 2010. I am a young, enthusiastic girl who loves to share her passion for ‘making stuff’ with the world. Even though I consider myself a scrapbooker, my love for anything else in the craft industry is not far away.

My style is light, fun and most of all it is layered! I am a big old fan of any kind of minis – which include scrapbooking mini albums, journals, note books, guest books, address books…. you name it! I see crafting to be something where I can be myself, can explore who I am, how far I can go. I try not to be afraid of new techniques and always go with my gut feelings which seem to be (almost) always right ;) heee

Contact: rahel@swissgirldesigns.com

You can find me here as well:






Scrapbooking Résumé

xoxo, Rahel :D

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello! My name is Eleonora and I live in Italy. First of all i apologize for my imperfect english..
    I gt to know scrapbooking and decoupage two months ago and immediately I met you through your videos on yotube… your creations are fabulous! I live in abruzzo and there aren’t scrapbooking stores like in USA, i can’t get all the scrap material that i would like to have!
    You became my “scrap guide” day by day, and i’m so happy to know you better with this blog!
    I have a blog too but it is unparalleled compared to your wonderful creations!I hope to become as good as you one day… I study medicine and i haven’t much time to dedicate to scrap, but you have to know that your videos are a reference point for my inspiration and my artistic growth, so i want to thank you so much for this! It would be really great if I could contact you via e-mail to ask for advices on techniques for scrap or ideas … and I will also could improve my bad English! What do you think about this? I apologize if i am too much intrusive. I hope you could answer on my e-mail! good work and see you soon! my e-mail is eleonora6070@supereva.it

  2. Hi Rachel!! My name is Dasha. I’m from Russia, Moscow.
    About a week ago, I saw your video and they gave me a very ponravilis.Oni simply excellent, interesting and fascinating. I, too, just as you are fond of scrapbooking. Your work inspires me. We in Russia are not as in the USA’s extended Scrapbooking and very few shops. So I’m doing my work with scrap materials. I’d very much like to talk to you on the e-mail. Forgive me please if I navyazyvayus.U you a very good and interesting web site. I would be grateful if you write on the e-mail: dasha-zverkova@rambler.ru
    I will wait from you the answer)))

  3. I’m Jen from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) I love your YouTube scrapbook videos! It is so neat to learn about your life on your blog – you seem like a fun person! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

  4. Hey! Im Ciara from Ontario, Canada, and I LOVE your blog and YouTube videos. You gave me lots of inspiration for my next scrapbook. I do one every year for my anniversary with my boyfriend to remember all of the fun we had from the year before. I went to Switzerland for an exchange for three months living in Boudry, near Neuchatel. I cant believe you are going to be moving away! But i hope that it brings you new adventures and lots of fun. Good luck with everything and congratulations on finding your perfect man! :)

  5. Hello Rachel, my name is Aurelie, I am French living in England with my English fiance (Samantha) and our little Morkie called Toffee. I found your blog thanks to your youtube videos. I am very happy to have found it because there is a lot of inspirations in there. I love scrapbooking and crafting anything. I turned addicted the last few weeks and started to buy way too many stamps and inks… I have a blog as well but so far it is in French and mostly about my day to day life in England but I intend to add all my craft work to it in order to share with everyone.
    My best for your wedding!!

  6. Hi rachel! My name is alessia and I’m italian (rome)…
    Of course, in Italy scrapbooking isn’t widespread as in US, but we have a little community, maybe you have heard of PACS italy (paper&co. show) or you maybe know Loredana Bucaria (known as Lory)… she is great!
    I really love your projects, I found you just today on youtube and I think you’re lovely!
    congratulations on your wedding and thanks for sharing with us your ideas!

    p.s. you wrote something about california, maybe on youtube… woooooooooooow!!!!

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