A Past of Crafting

This is probably one of the very last posts on this blog. But don’t be sad, be happy for a girl that has been able to find her dream and has the courage to pursue it :) If you want to learn something from me, then it should be this. Dream BIG. Go after your dreams and follow your heart. It can be tough, but simply stick with it, get better at what you do and there will be a reward.

Phew, getting all philosphical on you today ;) haha!

What I originally wanted to say was simply this: here are a few of my favorite projects from the past. Yes, I’m kinda looking back with mixed feelings. You know, those warm and fuzzy ones. I’m a little afraid of looking ahead, into the future, because there’s such a huge workload waiting for me!! But it’s all gonna be worth it! And yes, it is exciting to do what you love to do :) So it’s all good.

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Rahel

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5 thoughts on “A Past of Crafting

  1. My favorite layout of yours is the “Today” one.. the one you made oh so long ago before you got into any DT and back when you made your own backgrounds with paint/whatever supplies you had.

  2. I’m with Mai…. I LOVE THE TODAY PAGE!! I quite often flick over to YouTube to watch the tutorial…I’m going to miss you!!! Will you be closing your YouTube channel???
    Love Aussie Em xo

    • Hi Em :)
      thanks for your comment. I’m not sure, what will happen to my youtube channel, but for now it will stay where it is :)
      Thanks so much for all your support through these years :) Maybe one day we’ll get a chance to get to know each other in real life :)
      xoxo, Rahel

  3. Meeting you in real life would be a dream come true for me you really are a beautiful, talented woman and I wish you all the best for a brilliant future…make the most of everything!!
    p.s. I’ve already tagged your photography blog so I will be following you on it…I’m excited for you & your next amazing adventure!! All the best
    Love Aussie Em xo ;)

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