A Card & A New Lens

I’d have never thought that I would become such a fan for Studio Calico Wood Veneer Shapes! Seriously, I never would have thought that. I’m not really that big into expensive Embellishments. I prefer to keep my creations inexpensive and make the most out of my beloved paper.

Now, if you are thinking the same way as I do (and don’t have a huge old budget to spend on your scrapbooking items…) then I can only say “Go get yourself some SC wood veneer shapes :D ” They are really awesome. So versatile, so fun to use and nope, I’m so not getting paid to tell you all this ;) hee

On this BlueMoon Card I’ve been using the Camera Set – so so so amazing :D

And since we’re already talking about cool stuff that I fan for…. Check out my new baby :D I’ve been wanting this for like ever and have been saving up for this. Business bank account is empty, but I’m in love :D hee

Happy Day :D

xoxo, Rahel

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2 thoughts on “A Card & A New Lens

  1. Haha!! I just played with some shapes TODAY (and some SGD-stamps too… Gonna holler when it’s up! :)) and I agree! WAY more fun than I would have though! :D

    Love the card. LOVE it!

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