…and I’m off…

Quickly wanted to say ‘See you later, Navigator!’ before I’m gone. Don’t know if I have time or the tools to blog while I’m in Europe, so better don’t count on it ;) I should be back on the 14th of May. Hopefully with lots and lots of pictures and cool stories :D

Already missing home. Dexter, Jynxy and most of all Adrian… But I’m also super excited. To teach at the CAR 4, to get to know new awesome people, to see my family, to spend time with old friends, to travel…. Should be fun! :D

Wish me luck with the class and send some prayers that the plane doesn’t crash…

Have a wonderful 3 weeks :D

xoxo, Rahel ♥

PS: The shop is closed during this time. Hope you understand.


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7 thoughts on “…and I’m off…

  1. Have fun – and THANK YOU for the speedy delivery of stamps! Got mine today – so they swooshed all the way to Sweden very quickly and noooow… I’m gonna go play. :)

    Have a nice trip!

  2. Hi Rahel,

    ich wünsche dir eine schöne Zeit in Europa und gutes Gelingen bei dem CAR-Event?
    Hast du die Möglichkeit, deine Emails zu checken?
    Habe dir geschrieben :)


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