Stamps and CAR 4

First: Just finished up packing the first batch of orders :D Can’t wait to hear what you all think, once you receive them :D I for sure do, did some quality testing and they give such crisp and clean images :D Love!

Second: I am receiving lots of emails (thank you guys :D ) asking if I will bring stamps to the CAR 4. The short answer is YES :)

However, it is really hard to know exactly how many to bring. So, if you are attending and want stamps, please contact me at and I will send you over a PDF with info about that :D Sound good?

xoxo, Rahel ♥

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5 thoughts on “Stamps and CAR 4

  1. Fweeee! One of those envelopes MIGHT have my name on it – and I am so looking forward to getting to play! :D

  2. EEeek! Im pretty sure the firt envelope has my adress on it! Can’t wait for it! :D

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