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It’s Monday morning and I just got up. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to loose some weight…. I want to get down to 130lb and keep it there. That gives me those last 8lb to loose. The hardest ones…. Anyways, I am sitting here and I tell you, there are at least a million reasons why I should NOT hit the gym this morning ;)

So instead I’d rather share two CP layouts ;)

These Paper Flower Thingies are made by hand. And I had to burn myself really bad with the hot glue gun. At least two times… But it was all worth it!! :)

I am very excited for this month, because I have created so many layouts and projects during the last few weeks and all look so sparkly ;) Yeah, I am referring to the glitter splatters. I actually made a video and only need to edit the footage and then I will finally share it with you guys :D

Happy Scrappin’ :D


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4 thoughts on “Crate Paper Pages

  1. love love love everything that you do! cant wait to see your glitter splatter tutorial! :) :)

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