Just an Update…

I’ve been super busy during the last few days (well, who isn’t busy the week before Christmas…?) I’ve made like a gazillion layouts and other projects since I have to work ahead as much as possible for the trip. More details on that in a sec. Here a sneak on one of the pages :) Gotta show you that new technique I came up with the other day, making REAL glitter splatters!!! A.MA.ZING! :D Soon soon.

Oh yeah, and yesterday I colored my hair once again ;) I know, I look like 18 or so, but now I seriously look like 16 ;) One good thing comes from that: when I’m 50 I (hopefully) won’t look like 50 ;) ha!

And now to the trip….. We had to cancel our hotels in Jackson and Silver Gate, because there’s barely any snow up there right now (according to WeatherUnderground) so we are planning on leaving in the end of January. It’s a bummer, but there’s really no point in going without a ton of snow ;) Soooo, we’re trying to be excited about Christmas once again and see what happens with the trip. Things like that show me how small we really are and how amazing it is to have a God that is so so so much bigger and stands over all our itty bitty problems :)

All righty, I let you get back to all the Christmas preparations :D

Merry Christmas :D

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3 thoughts on “Just an Update…

  1. Can’t wait to hear about the glitter spatters.. love the sneak.. and your hair looks awesome, and yes, u do look so so young… my gosh. Have a beautiful Christmas with your love. xo

  2. Merry Christmas Rahel, Adrian, Jynxy & Dexter, wishing u all a magical festive season…;D xo

    Love it work, see u in the new year x

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