12 Days of Christmas – Day 1

Welcome, Gallery Walls and Giveaway

Welcome welcome to our little ’12 Days of Christmas’ Blog Party :D Come on in and make yourselves all cozy and homy and let’s get started with some Christmas preparing, decorating, baking and so on!

Let’s kick this off with some simple ideas for blank, boring walls!

A few months ago I tackled two of my walls and made them into galleries, where I would display all kinds of different artwork, pretty paper, world maps and what-not… I found all the frames at our local Dollar Store and spray painted them white for a cohesive look.

Now with Christmas around the corner I wanted to change it up a little. I painted a bunch of different watercolor pieces, hung reindeer antlers and a branch for some contrast. But look for yourselves :)

Above: This is the wall above the couch

Below: And this is across the couch, over neath the TV

GIVEAWAY watch the video below for allllll the details :D

Merry Christmas ♥

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43 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – Day 1

  1. Your decorations are beautiful! I would love to see stamps featuring different circular elements. :)

  2. I would love to see some vintage love stamps.. your stamps are amazing keep up the good work..

  3. I would love to see some stamps with different sayings using your own handwriting. I’ve seen your journaling on some of your pages and think you have some pretty cool handwriting! :) I’m posting a link on my blog and on my Facebook page too for more chance to win :)

  4. WHOOT! super pumped about the upcoming sets! maybe something office-y would be fun. how about some travel with maps,etc. or seasonal themes. :)

  5. Love the decoration. Wow she can also paint :D. I would like some Doodle Stamps if u get me. I like this doodle style…i don’t have any topic for it but…ja. Just love the Doodle Design :D. Thanks for the awesome chance to win. Tine

  6. Totally would like to see some wordarts! Or winter elements ….. but I think it will be perfect what you’ll have;) thanks for the chance!

  7. Im super excited about your new stamps! I would love to see some stamps with your own handwriting (as mentioned in another comment), really versatile ones with dates and months (i know you have done it before, and i have it and love it, but i would love it in a diffrent style as well), or something cute, vintage, christmasy. But most importantly very verstile stamps :) P.S. I love what you have done with the walls, and im thinking I should do something very similar, airy and white and very chritmasy, just my style! :)

  8. That´s so great! I love your stamps and I´m very excited to see what the new ones are. I really love to have your stamps with a mix of events like “Happy Birthday”, “Thanks”, “Merry Christmas”, “I love you” and so on. Just writing for a special moment.

  9. Hi Rahel, Deine Deko gefällt mir total gut. :-D Ich würde mich sehr über Stempel mit Sentiments für verschiedene Anlässe freuen, die sich besonders für Karten eignen. Da habe ich bisher nirgends so richtig schöne gefunden! ;-)
    LG Maria

  10. I would love to see a stamp set of a bunch of different cameras! That would be cool!

  11. Wow, was für tolle Deko :)
    Ich freu mich auch schon riesig auf die neuen Stempelsets! Ich fänd was mit verschiedenen Schneekristallen ganz toll.


  12. I would love to see some stamps reflecting your personal style. Your look (clothes, makeup, hair) is so hip and funky, I’d love to see that in your stamps.

  13. cute video :) i would love to see something similiar to the “birds on a wire” stamp from studio calico! merry xmas!

  14. Love love love the look of your wall!! And I agree with what a few people have wrote about the stamps. You should do your doodles and handwriting! Your handwriting is beautiful!

  15. I would like to see stamps like paper dolls where I could change the clothing or hair to make it look like my family

  16. What cute decorations you have!. For future stamps I’d love to see something like little cute owls / birds / trees / grass – sortoff like you could create your own ‘scenes’. Merry Christmas

  17. First things first: Thanks for the chance to win :). I love the idea of stamps with your handwriting. Whatever you’ll come up with, it’ll be wonderful, I’m sure.

    Eine schöne Adventszeit für Dich!

  18. Love your designs!! I love CROWNS, BIRDS, WINGS, AND BACKGROUND SAMPS. I would love to win!!!

  19. Hi Rahel! A big thankx for a chance to win! I would love to see a new stamp set with quotes (like “i miss you” etc) or some flowers or hearts (very girlish, i know :-) I am posting about your giveaway on my twitter, facebook page (fondo blu) and blog. A very big hug from Italy! xxx

  20. I love that you are having a special Christmas event. I have been digging your videos and art for a while now and hope to buy some of your cool stamps in the future. I would love to see backgrounds, tags, more travel including images of trains and motorcycles, frames and the like. Anything that reflects your personal style. Thanks for the inspiraiton and chance to win.

  21. Hi Rahel~Thanks for the great giveaway you are doing! Would love to win some of your awesome stamps! I’d love to see some owl stamps with owl related sayings! Owls are my favorite animal and there are lots of sayings that go along with them nicely! (e.g. You’re a Hoot!) Thanks again!

  22. Dear Rahel,
    hello.I am sure your new stamps are wonderful.Can’t wait to see them.What I would like to see are cameras and travelling stuff(like mentioned in another post) or tags and anything related to journaling.Hope you have a fantastic Christmas holiday(I know you have been waiting for it since September :) and hope I am the lucky winner.

  23. I would like to see snowflakes – snowflakes all around! ;) And some winter/christmas expressions for layouts and cards. :D
    Have a wonderful christmas time!

  24. I would love vintagy stamps, some stamps that are kind of woodsy and kind of modern (like antlers for instance….I’m seeing them on pinterest with all kinds of modern looks) and stamps I can use over and over in my Project Life book (sayings maybe like “same story, different day” “here we go again” “Life as we know it” etc.

  25. Hi Rachel, great holiday ornaments! I would love to see anything vintage for stamps. Thanks so much for a chance to win! Hugs, Nicole

  26. Love your decorations! Would love to see some creative shapes as repeated design stamps to make as backgrounds or borders, if that makes any sense (like Studio Calico’s honeycomb stamp). Or maybe some travel-themed stamps. And I agree with the other comments that your handwriting is amazing. So if you do decide to use your handwriting in stamps, I would prefer it as alphas and not pre-made quotes.

  27. Wow.. I’ve always love your stamps :) I would like to see more travel themed, especially with maps and….. Mmm… Background stamps… Maybe a unique woodgrain and textures… Fingers crossed :)

    cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

  28. Perhaps could be traditional things of your home country Switzerland. Shoes, trees, mountains, houses, words, etc.

  29. I love your work Rahel! To respond to your question about what stamp classification I would like to see… I would love to see inspirational thoughts. Something that can be used to uplift someone’s spirits when they are sad or troubled. This could go inside cards. Happy inspirational thoughts for scrapbooking layouts, and maybe funny or clever thoughts as well. Thanks Rahel for a chance to win one of your one of a kind stamp sets. xoxo

  30. Hi Rahel,
    I would absolutely love to see some doodles in the way of rainbows, bows, scrolls, rain drops, sun shining, cupcakes, flowers, leaves, balloons, 3D stars and ur famous clouds…another suggestion would be to do a words pack in your hand writing for eg. Grand, father, mother, and, a, to, daughter, brother, sister, my, step and cousin…that way u can then create your own quotes or titles, extremely versatile…always a fan and love your work Rahel wishing you a very Merry Christmas…Em xo
    p.s. Posting on you’d wall on Facebook too thanks for the opportunity ;)

  31. Your older collections stamps!!! The summer collection or create something similar to it.
    Maybe also you can do stamps with words which can be used on a Layouts or you can create words sentiments which are always being used for doing cards!!

    Thanks for the chance to win !! :D

  32. I would love to see some stamps with your beautiful handwritting, or some stamps with household theme, but I am sure that I will love all your new stamps. Your Xmas decoration is so adorable, I especially like the clear balls, I have to buy some for me :) (Did you know that on December 13th is my names day?, btw. do you celebrate names day aswell? )

  33. I would love to see some stamps with your beautiful handwritting, or some stamps with household theme, but I am sure that I will love all your new stamps. Your Xmas decoration is so adorable, I especially like the clear balls, I have to buy some for me :) (Did you know that on December 13th is my Name day?, btw. do you celebrate Name day aswell? )

  34. Wow, deine Deco-Ideen werde ich mir auf jeden Fall merken und sicher auch mal so machen. Das sieht einfach total klasse aus!

    Da ich vorrangig Urlaubsbilder verscrappe, währen Stempel dafür toll. Flugzeuge, Postkarten etc und auch Land/Städte bezogene Dinge, wie der Eifelturm etc.


  35. Hi there, I would love to see some PRETTY flower stamps!! I know there is a ton out there, but none I really like!!

  36. Neue Stempel sind immer klasse! Ich würde mich über neue, spezielle Woodgrain-Stempel, Federn, Peacock-Feathers und Zickzack-Stempel freuen. Ach ja, und Kameras in allen Variationen!
    Schöne Adventszeit liebe Rahel!


  37. I don’t know where I’ve been, but I just discovered your blog (and have been enjoying my time exploring it). My stamp suggestions echo some of the others that have already been made: calendar type stamps with dates, days of the week, etc. similar to what is in Merry Christmas, World Traveler and Adventszeit; some more journaling stamps similar to what you have in World Traveler; and some geared toward Project Life (as Ruth Tacoma suggested). Would you ever consider offering some smaller sets? Thanks for this chance to win, Rahel.

  38. Hi Rach…!!! i really like your ideas! it’s so simple and sweet!
    I’m so happy for this opportunity of win something of you (in Argentina there’s no have many products for scrapbooking) and it will be incredible if i win =)
    So, i see you soon in you tube =) jeje (i can’t wait to see your new video!)

    Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina and Happy New Year!!

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