American Crafts Stuff

Hi all! Are you enjoying your weekends? I hope so :)

I thought I could pop in quickly to share two projects I made a little while ago for American Crafts :) Hope you like them :)

Above: I really like these tag cards ;) So simple and easy and such an impact :)

Below: …and of course another Planner ;) heee Love those guys…

Happy Scrappin’ :D

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7 thoughts on “American Crafts Stuff

  1. Love your little books! I was watching your video on how to make on of these.. Thanks for sharing!

    • hi lisa,
      yes, i got my twine last year and still have tons ;) (even tough i use it A LOT ;) ) i think i got it over at crate and barrel
      xoxo, rahel

  2. another super cute tag card! by the way, i wanted to share that i had my ‘swissgirl’ Christmas journal on my countertop and when my family came over they happen to see it and were ohhing and ahhing over it! i’m packing it with my lists for black friday shopping and can’t wait to fill it up with pics of the rest of the season! :)

  3. Can you make a video or blog post on how to make those tag cards? Their so darn cute I want to make some!

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